Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Long Road (Dark Times Released!)

A quick post today to point readers and Dragon Age players in the direction of Dark Times: The Confederacy of Malkuth if they aren't already aware of it. This has been in development for quite some time, and it's good to see another gameplay mod released.

This is a fairly large add-on to the single player campaign of Dragon Age, and can provide a good many hours of additional gameplay to the game.  It's been a substantial undertaking of numerous modders from the Dragon Age community, and at the moment it's the largest and longest module available (probably by a fair margin, too).  I did some beta testing for the project, so I've had hands-on experience with the mod, and I even contributed my voice to one of the characters. That's right, the mod is also fully voiced.

So I know this mod has been in development for some time, and it has reminded me of how much work I still need to do in order to get The Shattered War done. Short answer? A lot. Anyway, based on recent feedback, it appears there are still some bugs being ironed out of Dark Times, but given that it's a very large module, that's not entirely surprising. Regardless, if you haven't looked at it already, I'd recommend that you go grab it!


  1. It's a really impressive effort, particularly coordinating such a large team. Taking on that sort of logistics is a big risk, but you can't deny the payoff. Grats to all involved!

    Poor old Classic Week getting dwarfed for length though, I thought 6 hours would remain significant for a while ^_^

  2. I have downloaded the mod and have started playing. Ok, so I am in the dev team, did play the beta and tested it at certain other stages through the development. But I must say, the end product is soooo much cooler to play and I am seeing the differences and changes. I am finding the mod play, challenging but doable and to be honest, even if I wasn't on the DT team, I would definitely download the mod and play. It is just such fun.

    I have downloaded quite a few mods and have found some worth it and some not so. But when ppl have finished playing DT and if they haven't already done so, they should check out Alley of Murders, Bloodworks and Ser Gilmore Companion mod. So far, apart from DT they are the mods that I have found particularly worth downloading and have enjoyed playing.

    Thanx for your help Amstrad with the testing and vo. Your efforts were and still are appreciated.

    Have fun :)