Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's time for your input...

A quick post to tell everyone that I'm calling up readers to give their opinion in my latest poll.

I want to know how much people use cosmetic mods like Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors (I hate spelling that without a "u") or Don't worry, be hairy. So far I've stuck with the default options for hair styles and eye/hair colouring, but I want to know if players have these mods installed by default and won't stand for the small selection available in default.

The reason I ask is because these mods have the potential to modify the appearance of existing faces from the default or as I have created them...

Those eyes suddenly look a little different...

This might be a minor thing, but I don't want a character to suddenly look out of place because of an external mod. So I want to do the right thing by players and if they are using one (or multiple) appearance changing mods, I'll install those mods during the creation process for The Shattered War and make sure that all the characters have the appearance that they are "supposed" to have.

If people could go one step further and identify the specific mods that they use, I would definitely appreciate it.

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  1. I don't use any mods (other than respec) specifically because I feel I have to assume the average player isn't using them. I think it's safest and most stable to go build towards the baseline experience.

    The alternative is to include the functionality of a mod if you want it. Classic Week and Dirge (and Broken City, actually) include weriKK's respec code because the functionality is so essential. I can't rely on the user having it installed, but I can't offer a decent level of challenge without it, so it gets built in.