Monday, June 13, 2016

Bug Testing

Despite the long time between posts, The Shattered War is drawing nearer to release. I'm currently going through what I hope will be my final phase of playtesting and tweaking now that voice work integration is essentially complete.

I'm about two hours into my current playthrough, and while there are some minor cosmetic issues, everything is mostly looking pretty good by now. A complete run of the game will probably add up to at least 10 hours (though likely more), and the wide variety of choices means that it is absolutely impossible to experience all the content of the game in a single run.

No one wants to see this released more than me, and I feel more than a little disappointed and frankly a bit sheepish that it's taken me so long to get the mod to a releasable state. The scope and scale of this project were possibly a little too bold, and the sheer time and dedication required to get full voice acting means it has been a massive undertaking for one person. While my efforts have probably been a bit lax for a while, I'm keen to get The Shattered War completed and in the hands of anyone who still wants to revisit the world of Dragon Age in its Origins incarnation.

I'm hoping there are still people out there who want so explore the world of Thedas and a new adventure and story within its bounds.


  1. I came across mention of this while reading about Dark Times over at both Bioware Social Network and Dragon Age Nexus. The trailer for this looks really great and I, for one, look forward to the release so I can try it out!

  2. Don't think people won't play it just because there is few active comments. I'm sure download count will be much higher than feedback, as always... Keep it up! Sounds like a great project.

  3. I've just recently started back up with DAO and doing new play throughs with different options and mods. I loved the Alley of Murders addon and I'm glad to see you're still actively modding in DAO for more content.

    If you'd like an extra alpha play tester, I'm up for it.

    Will this be an addition to the origins storyline, or a separate campaign for the Warden ala Awakening, or...?

  4. As a member of this project I am, of course, still interested in seeing it all come to fruition, even if my participation was a small one.

  5. I would love to try this mod out. I feel like DAO is really lacking in the "exploration" department.

  6. What the hell has happened to this project it's almost 2017 and it started in 2014 and yet t was not released yet?
    At this rate DA4 will came out before of this project.

  7. Erin Mek - Unfortunately as a one person project, this has taken far longer than I would have liked. This is not my job, I am doing it for entirely free and I have other life commitments outside of modding.

    I'll be making a post shortly updating on the status - I am aiming to have a playable release before the end of the year, and I may for additional updates depending feedback. I will aim to make more regular posts until release, but simply iterating through the various bugs or polish/consistency issues I have been finding and fixing does not seem as though it would be an interesting topic for readers.