Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spanners and Solutions

I had some hassles over the last week after I reinstalled Windows. The way the toolset works is that it uses the computer name and username to determine who has the ability to access resources that it has stored - and I changed my username after reinstalling, meaning that it wouldn't let me edit my mod. Fortunately some help on the BioWare forums confirmed the source of my problem and I was able to solve it, and so modding successfully resumed.

In terms of actual progress made, I've been checking through various combat encounters and quest lines to ensure that everything works as intended - enemies show up when they're supposed to, dialogue accurately reflects the player's choices and they receive appropriate rewards. I've also been putting some touches on a number of codex entries - items (these also get descriptions as well as codex entries), people, areas and so on to make sure that players who are looking for that extra depth of lore and world-building content can indeed experience those aspects in the adventure.

I may be moving into a heavy testing phase over the coming weeks to track down and iron out any remaining bugs that are show stoppers or otherwise lead to unexpected and undesirable outcomes.