Thursday, January 27, 2011

Technical difficulties

Updates might be a little more sparse than usual over the next few weeks, as I'm currently being forced to use Internet through a tethered phone connection due to my current place being without any sort of telephone line or landline internet connection.

I've also been facing some problems while trying to do a little bit of gaming in between stretches of modding. My computer has taken to behaving unreliably, and erratically (and unpredictably) having the monitor go into standby mode into the middle of a game and be unable to recover. I have to do some troubleshooting, but the prime suspects at the moment appear to be either the video card or my power supply.  Fortunately I haven't (yet) experienced a crash while doing playtesting for The Shattered War, and haven't faced any difficulties while carrying out modding itself.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to identify the problem and get myself the necessary replacement part(s) in order to get back up and running at full capacity.

I will be aiming to keep up with updating every few days as I have been doing for the past number of months, but posts may be a little shorter and feature less pictures for a little while. My apologies for this, but rest assured that the amount of time I spend modding will not drop because of this!

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