Monday, January 17, 2011

The Shattered War: Origins

As I've stated previously, one thing that is vitally important to me in mod development is staying true to the world in which the game is set. This has a profound effect upon every single aspect of design for a mod, even down to the simple process of creating a character.

As such, even the character generation process has changed from the defaults presented to the player by Dragon Age: Origins. Upon starting their adventures for their new hero in The Shattered War, the player is presented with one of four different origins for their past: Circle Mage, City Elf, Surface Dwarf and Human Commoner.

A new adventure means new choices

Just like in the original campaign, your chosen race and origin will have an effect on how some people interact with you. Of course, even though initial impressions may have some effect on how others treat you, your actions are likely to dictate their attitudes. Help is scarce in the dangerous Frostback Mountains, and even those with prejudices will put them aside when their life is on the line...

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