Monday, January 3, 2011

Slow going

Recently I feel as though I have been discussing mods more than actually modding, and to be honest, that's probably correct. This has been in part to attempt to address a major problem for Dragon Age mods - publicity and visibility.

In short, it simply isn't there.  Many players are convinced that mods simply consist of: sex, nudity, overpowered items, lore-breaking content, or any combination of those four things.  This couldn't be further from the truth, yet getting players to understand this and then to actually try out some of the content that is available is an extremely difficult task.

Modders can't get good advertising

Some of the suggestions made by players to advertise mods are already in use, but apparently not visible enough to be seen and provide the spark of encouragement for players to try them. As time passes and Dragon Age 2 approaches release, it seems that modders will need to undertake some serious advertising efforts in order to get publicity for and awareness of their work.

Still, it seems the best publicity around is word of mouth. Thus I would implore any players to spread the word amongst your friends about the mods available for Dragon Age. Modders make them for you, now we just ask that you help others to find them as well.


  1. I don't remember where, but I saw someone mention my mod (Scars of War) somewhere on the BSN forums before I even began following the topic...

    Also, I have to say I laughed at your picture of the AoM billboard. :p

  2. To be fair, my modules tend to maul the lore in their own private corners, rather than break it per se ;)

    I think between the Ultimate Edition and the approach of DA2, we've probably got our best opportunity since launch to find an audience for our content. You're right though that making people aware our work exists at all is the major challenge. I recognise the supreme necessity of marketing, but I struggle to get the will to actually do it, or even develop the relevant skills :<

  3. jackkel: I do aim to amuse occasionally. Glad to hear I succeeded.

    Jye: When you're creating obvious standalone adventure taking inspiration from the Dragon Age lore rather than inserting directly into the campaign, you definitely should be given more leeway to take liberties with the lore. I'd still heartily recommend your mods to players looking to have some extra fun within Dragon Age.

    I'm trying to do some small amount of marketing, but my focus is (as it should be) on getting The Shattered War finished.