Friday, September 3, 2010

Public Service Announcement

For anyone who hasn't seen it, check out this video. It discusses a court case in the US relating to gaming, and attempts to heavily restrict game content. The future of gaming in America has a huge effect on the gaming industry around the world, so even though I'm not from America, the ramifications if gaming loses are massive. I can't possibly see how games could ever get stomped, but the fact that it's even become this much of an issue concerns me.

I cannot comprehend how anyone could consider games to not have artistic merit. Such people obviously have no concept of the creativity required to develop a game. Design, art style, narrative, characters, game mechanics, environments, cinematics, and so many more things combine to make a game. The art required to create a game is varied, meaningful and requires great dedication, and if more people could realise that, there would be a greater understanding of video games by players and the general population.


  1. The reason behind California's case is violent games induce violent reactions in kids - you know, they find the gun lying around when parents aren't around and shoot each other. Nobody questions why the gun was lying around or why the stupid parents left the children alone/didn't understand where they were going. All they need is something to blame and usually it's either marijuana or video games.

    I am pretty sure this case will get quashed if the supreme court judges have even an iota of common sense and don't go by definitions written before the era of video games. What is interesting is why has this suddenly come to the attention of the Supreme Court? There have been numerous such cases that never took off in many states within have something suddenly come into the radar of the SC has the rancid smell of politics all over it.

  2. besides, overall violence in schools have decreased, at least in my experience. Honestly my public high school had about one fight every three months. I hear stories of when my grandparents went to school and what they had to worry about, such as kids with spikes on their belts swinging it at you (true story).

    So I'm not sure how their argument will hold up in anyway. But They are just looking for any reason they can.

    On another note, while this fine citizens are arguing this, where are their own kids? How about the gang kids in LA, shouldn't you be trying to help them instead. It's really a shame that something like this happens.

    All the Best,