Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In a stroke of good fortune, I was lucky enough to win the first Dragon Age Community contest! This great initiative from a dedicated group of the people from the Dragon Age community is designed to help modders for the game get additional resources to help improve their creations for the game.

My entry was called "Hillside Village" and I showed one screenshot of it in my post yesterday. This level will be present in The Shattered War, though I won't reveal too much about the location itself just yet!

Entrance to the village

A full download of all the levels submitted for the contest can be found here.  There were some really creative entries in this competition, so I must commend the efforts of everyone who entered. I'm actually hoping to update my entry if I'm able to make a few fixes regarding some props not being drawn from a long distance. This is a fairly minor issue, and the level could be used quite happily as is, but if I'm able to address it, then I think it will be worth it.

An overheard view of the village

So after working on level design for quite a while now, I've recently returned to doing some writing and creating more dialogue for The Shattered War. After all, there's no use having a pleasant village if it isn't populated! Stay tuned for more updates...


  1. Congratulations and nice work. I've got it open in the Toolset now - it might be fun to do some work with a non-bioware level for once ;)

    - Mengtzu