Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Trouble With Trees

Some minor annoyances occupied too much modding time this evening, time which had already been cut short by seeing the new Prince of Persia movie.  While I could point out a number of weaknesses in the movie, I think it might actually be the first "good" movie based on a computer game.

Anyway, I must thank the very helpful mikemike37 and Kilrogg_ for their advice regarding an issue with tree appearance. Another "post trees to local" and a quick in-game test later, and my trees now look fine within Dragon Age.  They still are occasionally flaky in the toolset, but as long as they're fine in the game itself, I don't care.  Now if only I could fix the minimaps exported by the game so they don't have a horrible dark line along one edge I'd be close to getting rid of all the graphical glitches that are annoying me. (Another is the colour of water in a level, but I think that is due to the water being too reflective)

Aside from that, I was able to do a little bit of plot management, scripting and some short cutscene work. Doing real cutscenes involving camera movement and animation is time consuming - I certainly don't consider myself a director by any standards, and I doubt I will turn into one any time soon. Still, by keeping camera cuts short (even though I often hate that in directing) I can convey information quickly and without hours of effort on my part. My main hope is that it is effective in helping to tell the story and show some action.

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