Friday, June 18, 2010

NPC Interview: Keldrin

Now it's time for a brief interview with one of the NPCs of The Shattered War...

Who are you?
I am Keldrin, mage and Grey Warden, at your service.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up under the yoke of the Chantry, feared and ostracised by them and their Templars.  But I do not hate them unlike so many others.  They do what they do because they rightfully fear the power of magic.  They see the potential for great evil and malice, something that exists in the hearts of most. But it is only mages that command the ability to destroy so quickly and capably should they turn their magic to violent means. Yet, I still pity them for being so bound by that fear.

That doesn't sound like a pleasant childhood.
I was cared for by some and feared by others. When a watchful eye is cast upon you at all times, it is hard to be truly happy. Is it any wonder that some mages rebel under the strain of such constant scrutiny?

How did you join the Grey Wardens?
I was seen to have the skills and strength to become one of their number. If you are expecting some grand story of betrayal or death, then I am afraid I must disappoint you. Though I have seen much of both since joining the order...

A more personal question: How would you describe love?
Love? I hardly consider myself an expert on the matter.  Yes, I had have dalliances in the past, but I would not say I am experienced. It is not something that can be described in a simple manner, nor should it be. Who am I to attempt to better the poetry or song of great Orlesian bards? A Grey Warden has little time for love, for death may be around any corner. But we must sacrifice our lives to fight the evil that has plagued our land for many generations. Should we be expected to sacrifice the humanity of our emotions as well?

Thank you, Keldrin.
And thank you. I hope that we shall see each other again.

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