Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Shattered War: Overview

While I've been doing development on The Shattered War for quite some time, I've actually released very few details about the nature of the plot or the adventure that the player will be undertaking.  As such, today's post is going to cover some of those details.  While I'm going to avoid spoilers that will impact upon people's enjoyment of the of mod, I will give away some details of the main plot. If you want to go into the mod completely blind, I would suggest you tune out now...


The Shattered War places you in the Frostback Mountains, as a member of the militia of Fort Velen. This is a Ferelden militia, sent to investigate rumours of darkspawn attacks in the region. As a respected officer and capable soldier, you are given the important task of finding out whether this threat is real.  All too soon, you find yourself in the midst of danger, and realise that the rumours are all too true.

Everything you feared is true...

Yet you are not without allies, for the campaign against the darkspawn sees the formation of an uneasy alliance between Ferelden and Orlesian troops. The templars also have a presence at Fort Velen, though their leader's hard stance towards mages results in its own tensions within the ranks of the warriors. Even a Grey Warden seeks to join the fight to uncover the nature of the threat in the region. Fort Velen is not an impenetrable stronghold, but as home to these brave warriors, it is the sole bastion of hope within the Frostbacks as towns, villages and travelers all live in fear of the growing darkspawn threat.

It falls to you to lead the efforts to rescue the people of the region, to restore the towns such that they might be able to fend off the attack that they will inevitably face. But signs point to a more sinister force at work, someone aiding the darkspawn to bring chaos and death. Amidst such rumours the shadow of betrayal looms to cast a light of uncertainty on shaky allegiances, and you must become the leader who will make the difficult decisions needed to stop a slaughter.

An artist's impression of Frostback Peak. Will it claim your life?

The Frostback Mountains, so often shrouded in snow and fog, now hide secrets that could bring a war to both Ferelden and Orlais that will shatter a short-lived peace. Will you be named hero or villain once your part is complete in The Shattered War?

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