Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Shattered War: Initial Casting

While there is still much work to be done for the Shattered War, there are certain areas where I have made significant progress towards completion.  One of these areas is the writing of dialogue, as a large portion of the main plot has been written.  As a result I have put out my first call for voice actors for some of the parts for the mod.

This only represents a small section of the adventure - there are many more roles (both male and female) still left to cast, but I thought I would attempt to cast roles in an ongoing fashion rather than having an open slate for every single character in the mod. I realise that the female roles in this initial audition are very limited, but rest assured there are a numerous important female characters that I have still yet to cast.

However, as of yet, the response has been very limited, as evidence by the post having dropped back several pages on the forum as of the time of writing. So I'm asking for your help, dear readers. If you are interested in voice acting, know someone who may be interested in voice acting, or even know of somewhere else I should look for more voice actors, please let me know. I have a sizable cast to fill, so if any readers are able to render assistance in any form, I would greatly appreciate it.  Helping me find voice actors will help me deliver a more polished and engaging adventure for you, and I want to make sure that adventure is of the high quality possible.

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  1. I saw your thread at vaa thaty you linked. To attract more people bump it everyday, post pictures of characters, link to your demos, generally format the first post of audition to make it look very professional and appealing. And be present there to answer people and whatever so they see its nor abandoned. Tis details, but they help a lot with getting interest of people there. My two cents, hope they will be helpful when you will be casting more.