Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shattered War Map

Thanks to the extremely useful map tutorial by TimelordDC on BioWare's toolset wiki (and his blog post on the subject), Dragon Age modders are able to implement custom world maps for their modules.

Since The Shattered War is designed to give players the "full Dragon Age experience", this means that I had to implement a world map. Which is exactly what I've been doing today!

The world map for The Shattered War

This map shows some of the locations that players will visit during their adventure. I would have taken an in-game shot to demonstrate, but then I might be giving away a few things!

The map has the same frayed edge look as those within the original game and uses a portion of a high resolution (6680x5010) Thedas map as the source image.  One thing that I could not locate is the original font used by the game. Instead I decided to use the Gabrielle font, which seemed to be the best fit of the fonts that I could find. The hours I spent on this probably could have created quite a lot of extra dialogue for players to experience, but in my opinion the small details like this really help to make a mod special and give it a professional feel.


  1. Woah, where did you get the 6680x5010 Thedas source image? I specifically left out world maps because I couldn't find a good source!

    It may be a little late for my current module, but could you point me toward the source? I'd really appreciate it.

    Um... on-topic: I really like the map you made. Should be an interesting module!

  2. I did an image search for "hi res Thedas map". Actually, I'll edit the original post and include the link to this page: