Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Character Preview: Commander Norvac

The Ferelden militia in the Frostback mountains needs an able leader, and Commander Norvac is a capable and veteran warrior. He is in charge of the Frostback Militia, the only military force in the area, and has a reputation as a stern man who instills iron discipline in his soldiers. While he has respect for his men and the people he protects, he is always mindful of his duty.

"We are not here to mother everyone who comes begging for help."

Norvac participated in numerous skirmishes against the Darkspawn during the blight, including the defense of Denerim. He is ill suited to a life without conflict, and is a proud warrior.  He cares little for diplomacy nor dealing with the general troubles in the Frostbacks, but recognises the need to maintain cordial relationships for the sake of discipline and moral.

However, the troubles of the region seem to be affecting him more than usual, and his normal stoic demeanor has sometimes been replaced with visible worry.

"No wars are won without sacrifice. You will learn that soon enough."

Only a significant danger could cause a seasoned leader like Commander Norvac such concern.  His assistance and advice may be crucial in overcoming the troubles in the Frostback Mountains, whatever they may be...


  1. He looks kind of skinny for such a giant sword. The grip alone looks like it's a meter long.

  2. Longswords usually had handles measuring 15-18 inches ;)

    I think his face is a little too gaunt - too much experience of having seen what men can do in wars?