Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Firstly, I must thank all the helpful folk on BioWare's social forums in try to help me identify the cause of my lighting issue. In particular, I should mention "FlyingDonkey" for telling me to "Post to Local" while the single player campaign was set as the active module. My characters now actually have proper lighting...

So now I'm set to produce more levels that actually look as they are supposed to. However, this process has made me realise that there perhaps needs to be a guide for new modders to teach them how to go about the process of creating and lighting a level.

I'm trying to distill the relevant facts about various parts of the process into some sort of useful format, as I started to do in this forum thread specifically related to lighting. I'm mindful that I'm not yet an expert in level editing within the Dragon Age toolset, but I'm hoping I'll get there! So I'll have to rely on those who've been going through the level creation process for longer than I have to flesh out some of the missing points in my knowledge. If you can contribute, please do, whether it's in that thread, or on the toolset wiki itself!

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