Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick Progress Update

Frequently when I post on The Shattered War, I'm covering significant milestones, difficulties, triumphs, discussion of features or design choices... basically only discussing "big things".  I generally keep fairly quiet about the small things that just keep ticking over in the background to contribute to the creation of the mod. But to give an idea of the type of things I don't mention, I'd like to give a run down of the various things I've been doing over the past week or so:
  • Finishing off dialogue for one of the main quest lines
  • Dialogue for several key scenes in the main plot
  • Proof reading & editing existing dialogue
  • Ambient dialogue
  • Finishing off dialogue for two separate side quests
  • Adding companion interjections into conversations
  • Plot/journal entry entries
  • Scripting for several side quests
  • Several face morphs
  • Creating short bios and character descriptions for VA (Voice Actor) work
  • Contacting potential VAs regarding roles
  • Exporting dialogue lines for recording by VAs
  • Design/decoration/lighting tweaks on a new exterior level
  • Building terrain collision for new exterior level
  • Sketching out another new level using pencil and paper
  • Taking screenshots/video that may be used for new wallpapers or video trailers
That's one week of work, and I've been somewhat busy the past week, so have probably been less productive than usual. Admittedly some of that lost productivity is due to a little bit of gaming (Deus Ex, LA Noire and Gears of War), but even gaming teaches me more about good and bad game design. So even if I'm quiet about development work, rest assured that a substantial amount of effort is going into creating The Shattered War.


  1. Have you closed the auditions at voice acting alliance site yet? And have you picked any cast for the characters from the submissions? Without bumps the thread looks somewhat abandoned, I hope you didn't cancel the mod or something :(

  2. Rest assured that the mod most certainly has not been abandoned! I just posted a bump to the thread - I'll be going over all the auditions (I got a couple just in the past day or so) and contacting people to confirm roles.

    There will still be more roles to fill even after this round, but I have a number of characters with the auditions I've received. I'm excited. :)