Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two tidbits

Some people might be enjoying Dragon Age 2, but due to the archaic system of staggered release dates despite the fact that distribution networks allow for games to be in people's hands before the official day of release, I'll still have to wait a few days before I get to play.  In the intervening time, I will be modding, which tonight involves putting the finishing touches on the dialogue for one of the sidequests for The Shattered War. I really should put a few more posts about the work that has been done for The Shattered War, but a lot of my recent effort has been into the conversations, so I don't have screenshots of gorgeous new areas to show off.

However, I recently was linked to two interesting bits of information. The first is the release of Mengtzu's "Broken City" module, finishing up the stories started in Fragments of Ferelden and Dirge of Coldhearth. I'd say that Mengtzu's module development focus lies more towards combat than my own, I'd definitely recommend them to people looking for something a little bit different within the Dragon Age Origins engine. His skills have definitely improved with each release, and I'm looking forward to making the time to play through his latest work.

The other thing of interest to me was a link to a blog called The Rotted Rose, covering the development of a DAO module, and general discussion regarding RPGs. There are some interesting posts here, and I'll be having a look through his backlog at some point.  However, the point of interest is his discussion on writing RPG dialogue. I was contemplating writing a few posts on the basic elements of conversation design and writing, but those three posts have covered off on many of these elements quite well - there's no need for me to repeat what has been said there.


  1. Thanks for the link! Releasing often really has helped me improve - the difference in quality between Fragments and Broken City is amazing in retrospect, which is a legacy of Classic Week and Dirge. I lost a few of Fragments' accidental virtues though, which I should blog about at some point.

    I'm hoping my FLGS is selling DA2 today - they were a bit early for MVC3 and Pokemon B/W, so here's hoping. Otherwise I'll be modding too - I'm planning to enter Community Contest 7. It's going to be great to see the BSN community delivering a whole bundle of playable content to players all at once.

  2. I think you should blog on dialogue anyway. The Rotted Rose's overview was pretty basic, you might be able to build from there.