Sunday, March 28, 2010

Modding Restarted

After being busy with work, Mass Effect 2, Awakening and other miscellaneous activities, I've finally got around to upgrading my computer to Windows 7. With that completed, I can now restart modding planning and development in earnest. While I have been doing bits and pieces where I could, it did have to take a bit of a back seat for a little while, particularly due to Awakenings and the possible ramifications its story would have on "The Shattered War".

But now that I'm back into development (along with a few wonderful collaborators who I'll introduce soon) I feel it's time to give a bit more information about the forthcoming module... starting with one of the characters that will join the player on their journey.


"Taraz the betrayer, I was named. Exiled and disgraced. But I will see my dignity restored."

A dwarven noble, outcast and disgraced from his family and caste, Taraz has little left to lose but his life. Too proud to join The Legion of the Dead, yet lacking in the subtleties necessary for business on the surface, Taraz reluctantly chose the life of a mercenary.

While he did not excel in the Proving Grounds of Orzammar, Taraz has proven himself a competent scout and a better skirmisher than most since coming to the surface. However, his motives for volunteering to join the force to investigate rumours of darkspawn in the Frostback Mountains are unclear. For a mercenary who is afraid of dying, Taraz appears to have a great desire to place himself in harm's way.

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