Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Add-In/DLC Integration: Part 2

Part 2 in a series of post on how to make DLC/Add-Ins more integrated into Dragon Age: Origins.

Follower Interjections
The player travels with a party. It is only natural that they will have opinions on decisions you make. This was done very well for the game itself, and the Stone Prisoner DLC is a great example of integrated DLC in this regard. Though I love Shale's dry wit, so I might be biased here.

VO from companions is something that the developers can do, because they have the money and clout to hire voice actors. I'm guessing that the majority of modders don't have access to Claudia Black, Steve Valentine, Corinne Kempa, et al. However, we do have access to all the VO content used within the game. It is possible to track down lines that can be re-used or cut and re-arranged to form new interjections.

It's a very time consuming process, and sometimes you need to do some rewriting of your content in order to make their lines fit, but it is possible. It might be a small thing, and perhaps won't be noticed by everyone because they don't make choice X with party member Y present, but for those that do get those responses, it will likely make a big difference.

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